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About North Georgia Newswire

Covering Habersham County and all of N.E. Georgia

Officially launched on January 9th. 2021, North Georgia Newswire is the latest venture for Tybee Media Group, a leading international broadcast media company and digital print publisher.

Although new to the media landscape of north Georgia, our founders have decades of experience in news and entertainment, radio and television broadcasting as well as print media. Several years of development, planning and infrastructure buildout has finally come to fruition. Our parent company, Tybee Media Group, has and is providing us with all of the resources necessary to insure our company's success. Being relevant to the community and being a leading and trusted source of important information for our community and our visitors are our primary concerns.

Our primary focus will be on covering issues that are of interest to our local community, via our digital presence on this website, and broadcasting live video of Breaking News and Events on a variety of platforms that are accessible on the company website. Additionally, we will cover news and events across Georgia as well as some national and international stories of interest.

We will strive to be a local voice with a global audience. We are blessed to both live and work in an area with such natural beauty and so much to offer and we will do our best to share our stories with readers and viewers around the world. 

More information coming soon!


Best Regards,

The NGANewswire Team

A Brief Note From Management

January 16, 2021

The ownership, management and staff of NGA Newswire all share the same belief that free access to information should be readily available to our readers and visitors.

From the beginning we decided to make NGA Newswire content available to our readers and visitors without requiring registrations, logins or subscriptions.

Recognizing NGA Newswire is a business, we have an obligation to ownership, employees and staff to remain a profitable enterprise in order to continue providing relevant, timely and accurate information to our community and jobs for our staff. We are confident that we can generate sufficient revenue through advertising and generous donations from visitors like you to remain a viable business while providing a valuable service to our local community and our visitors from around the world.

Thank you for your continued support!

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Business & Technical Supporters Of NGA Newswire

Enterprise Innovation Institute 

Secure Reliable Transport Alliance

Samsung Mobile Phones & Tablet Computers

Straighttalk Wireless For Mobile Phone & Hotspot Data Plans

Toshiba, Dell and HP Desktop, Laptop and Tablet Computers

Sony Professional Broadcast Cameras & Camcorders

Logitech Webcams

Microsoft Lifecam Webcams

NGA Newswire Infrastructure

Our CDN (Content Delivery Network is second to none!

Through a strategic partnership with our parent company, Tybee Media Group, our content is distributed via 16 data center locations around the world (see list below).

Utilizing this approach, our content is delivered from data centers that are located closest to our visitors physical location which provides a faster and consistent connection to the NGA Newswire website. Having our own external connectivity backbone allows us to avoid data transfer issues.




Atlanta, GA

Chicago, IL

Dallas, TX

Los Angeles, CA

Miami, FL

Seattle, WA

Washington, D.C.














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