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Welcome to the North Georgia Newswire "Wall of Shame".

On this page we seek to bring attention to the businesses in our area that everyone should avoid..... at all costs. These businesses have demonstrated a complete lack of Customer Service and / or provide worthless products or services and / or have idiots working in public facing businesses.

We do not need any potential advertising dollars from any of the businesses featured here. No amount of money would be worth promoting these dimwits or encouraging anyone to patronize these establishments.  



Little Caesars Pizza
Cornelia, GA
282 Furniture Drive
(next to Wal-Mart)

We've made two attempts to grab a pie and enjoy an afternoon or evening from this joint and both times left highly disappointed.

Visit 1: Pulled through the Drive Thru window at approximately 4:30 PM for one large Cheese Pizza. One would think, it's close to dinner time, they would have a ton of "Hot & Ready" pizzas that they advertise all the time. The guy in the window asked to take our order and we replied, "we'd like 1 large cheese, please". He closed the window and returned seconds later saying, 'Uhhhh, we don't have any cheese". We didn't say it, but we were thinking, Are you kidding me? You don't have any cheese? Can't you make one you dimwit? We told him we'd just go to Marco's across the street. Which we did.

Visit 2: Today, 5.23.2023

The Drive Thru was packed. After sitting in line a few minutes we decided it would be faster to park and go inside to order. Wrong. The lobby was packed and only one young lady was working the counter. There were probably 8 or 9 people running around in the back, none of which appeared to be working. What turned out to be the manager came to the front because the counter girl needed change. While they were making change, the counter girl noticed one of the "customers" that had been waiting had walked out of the store drinking a drink from the cooler that he hadn't paid for. LOAO! She told the manager who didn't seem to mind and said nothing. The manager then returned to making pizza without washing her hands. That was it for us. Out we go. Never to return.

If you like. give them a call at 706.776.6550 and tell them you read about them here on the "Wall of Shame".



CVS Pharmacy
 Cornelia, GA
549 N. Main St.

Don't go here if you're expecting anything that resembles customer service.

Recently we stopped by to look for, and hopefully purchase, a popular over the counter allergy medicine. Not having shopped there before we went to the Pharmacy counter at the rear of the store to ask if they had the product we were looking for and where we might find it. Back in the day, an associate would be happy to walk you to the general area or even to the specific product one would be looking for. To make a sale, for profits. That's the whole reason they are there. Not this joint. The guy at the counter pointed us to Isle 15 and said it would be on the right. We went to Isle 15 and, after searching the righthand side of the isle, we found there were no allergy medicines in that area or anywhere else on Isle 15. We returned to the counter, the guy was now busy, but a young lady walked up and asked if she could help. We asked if she sold the product we were looking for and, if so, where we might find it. She stood there for maybe 5 seconds looking puzzled and literally just turned around and walked off without saying a word. We're still trying to figure out WTH that was all about. She just zoned out like we weren't there. She got her wish because as soon as we could get out of there we weren't there. We'll also never return.

If you like, please give them a call at 706.778.5097 and tell them you read all about them on the "Wall of Shame".  

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