We Have A Number Of Advertising Layout Options Available!
Take A look At Some Of The Examples And Descriptions Below.
We Also Welcome Your Suggestions For Custom Layouts.

Banner Ads
Placement: Header, Mid-Page, Footer

Banner Ad

Background photo of your business, products or services.

Links to your Social Media and contact methods.

Tier 1 Ads: Placement - Under Header Banner Ad
Tier 2 Ads: Placement - Under Mid-Page Banner Ad
Shared with other ads in the tier, maximum 8 spots per tier

Tier 1 and 2 ads feature a photo of your business, products or services and include a link back to your company website.

Tier 3 Ads: Placement - Anywhere on a page under the Header Banner Ad
Tier 3 Ads are not shared with other advertisers and a number of layout opportunities are available. We have included 2 examples of Tier 3 Ads below.

Tier 3, Example 1: Your business name highlighted here.

Your Company Slogan or other information you wish to provide.

Large photo of your business, logo, products or services. Add up to 12 additional photos of your products or services. Links associated with each photo also included.

Tier 3, Example 2: Your business name highlighted here

Add up to 8 photos of your products or services with appropriate links and descriptions also included. Click on any of the photos below to see how your products or services will be presented.

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