Become A Contributor

It is physically impossible for reporters and photojournalists at NGA Newswire to be everywhere at all times.

However, many of our visitors here are out and about at various times and traveling around our local north Georgia community. Additionally, we have visitors from around the country and around the world!

The Citizen Journalist program at NGA Newswire is primarily focused on our local area but as a member of the global community we are interested in hearing from anyone, anywhere that is witnessing a newsworthy Breaking News event.

The Process Is Simple!

3 Quick And Easy Steps

If you wish to become a contributor and you come across a Breaking News event just follow the 3 step process outlined below.

You DO Not need to be on this website to contribute.

Step 1: Email us at from your mobile device; phone, tablet, laptop, etc. Tell us where you are and what you're witnessing in the email.

The email above connects directly to our live broadcast studio and has staff and producers available 24/7.

Step 2: Upon receiving your email and confirming your event our production staff will respond, sending you a link via email to connect to the studio with the camera on your phone, tablet or other mobile device.

You Do Not need any additional hardware or software to connect to the live studio.

We will be able to see your video and have a live audio connection to you from the studio before and during your broadcast as we place your live feed into our live video programming.

Step 3: Your live video (and audio if you wish) is broadcast live until either you or the studio ends the broadcast. 

Several of our staff photojournalists started as Mobile Citizen Journalists!

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